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The Benefits of Drain Lining

//The Benefits of Drain Lining

The Benefits of Drain Lining

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The Benefits of Drain Lining

Drain lining has many benefits and is often performed due to it being the most direct option to assure that drains are in their best condition. Some of the advantages that drain lining offer are the fact that they are a no-dig installation. This is a particular advantage for those who would be effected by mess on their property, such as commercial properties. As this would need no down time to install, business could run as normal. 

Initial Investigation

Typically, the process of relining adds a layer of protection to the inner drain. This reinforces the drain against fractures, cracks and possible collapses. Firstly, Draincare Reactive would perform an investigation of the drains called a CCTV Survey, using our specialist camera equipment. This would reveal the location and severity of any deterioration and damage. Once this has been performed, Draincare Reactive engineers would execute a High Pressure Jetting to flush out any debris in the lines. It is imperative to clean the drains thoroughly to achieve a clear and smooth surface for the liner to attach to.


Draincare Reactive engineers would then begin installing the liner (typically made from a malleable resin). Installation would involve threading the liner though the pipe using an inflated air bag to press the lining to the pipe walls. Other methods of installation are having the liner winched in or by inversion (put into place using water).

Once installed, the liner is then hardened using either hot water or UV light. This essentially forms a pipe within a pipe. Not only protecting and repairing the damaged pipe, it also helps improve water flow due to the liner’s low friction texture. The fact that this is a no-dig job ensures that the process is fast, simple and economical. Draincare Reactive specialise in Drain Lining and have been performing them across the South for over 15 years.

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