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Blocked Drains Dorset

Blocked Drains Dorset

Draincare Reactive tackle blocked drains Dorset and surrounding areas. We specialise in rapid response drainage services and can attend blocked drains in Dorset 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Our Dorset drainage team have over 20yrs experience

We have the equipment and experience to complete all drainage tasks quickly which leads to lower prices and a better service.

Affordable, fast drain unblocking in Dorset

We offer a speedy 24hr callout service for all blocked drains. We don’t charge callout fees, even after hours! Our highly trained drainage experts will go into details with you to ensure you fully understand what work will be undertaken, what is required and why.

We believe the better informed our customers are, the better their choices will be regarding the condition and ongoing maintenance of there drainage system.

So what is causing your blocked drains?

Grease and Fat build up are common causes of blocked drains

One of the biggest causes of blocked drains is cooking fat or grease. Many people think that it is okay to pour these liquids down the drain after cooking, however what you may not realise is that they can stick to the surface of the pipes and after time, this can lead to clogging effect.

It is important to remember that whilst fat may seem like a harmless liquid, it is not suitable to be washed down into the drain.

Toilet paper and baby wipes

Now we know the idea of toilet paper causing a blockage made sound strange, especially when it is designed to be flushed, but it large quantities, it can cause an issue.

The paper can stick together and become attached to the sides of the drain, causing an obstruction which requires professional help. 

Baby wipes on the other hand are not designed to be flushed down the toilet, and even those that claim to be flushable will not disperse in the water as toilet paper does.

More serious damage is caused by tree roots

Sometimes, mother nature herself is to blame for drain blockages. Tree roots in particular can work their way into the drain through tiny cracks, causing a blockage. Tree roots are drawn to the water and can cause the pipe to crack quite easily.

Take a look at some of the services we offer below:

If you have a blocked drain it’s time to act fast! Prolonging blocked drains can cause other serious structural problems and may require a full drainage installation.

Contact Draincare Reactive today by calling: 0800 464 0436

Watch our video about common causes of blocked drains below.



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