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Blocked Drains in the Home

//Blocked Drains in the Home

Blocked Drains in the Home

Keeping your home hygienic and well maintained is an enduring task. You ensure all surfaces are free from dirt and dust along with taking care of the floors by sweeping, mopping, and keeping them dry. Areas prone to humidity such as counters, sinks, bathrooms, and kitchen floors are always wiped down and cleaned. Nevertheless, these household tasks typically take care of only the superficial places. Sometimes, the actual problem can lie deep in the places not clearly visible to the eye such as blocked drains.

Because it might be located in hidden areas, you might not be aware of the harm or damage until it is almost too late. You only find out about such problems when they reach severe conditions and do significant damage to your home.

One such hidden problem that may have a weighty impact on your health and home is the problem of blocked drains. Random debris, Small objects, grease, among other things can gradually mount up inside the pipes, blocking the water flow. Such a stinging problem requires your immediate attention and if these blocked drains are not treated properly, the stagnant water can cause many complications that will deeply affect your home.

Blocked drains can cause severe harm to your home. Stagnant water accumulated for a longer period will give off a musty odour. This bad odour can travel to the surface and infuse the house with an unpleasant atmosphere. Moreover, the water may leak into foundations and corners of the house that can deteriorate its structural integrity. Meanwhile, the moisture or humidity might come up the walls and floorboards, leading to warping, discolouration, and water stains.

The area might even become prone to flooding if left too long. Furthermore, stagnant water attracts insects, pests and other insects that carry microbes such as viruses and bacteria, eventually causing diseases. Similarly, the area might be infected by mildew and mold. As a clever homeowner, you would not wait for these things to occur. If you find out your home has a blocked drain, contact Draincare Reactive immediately. We apply cost-efficient, practical, and long-term solutions that will overhaul and renew your drains and protect your home.

We use high pressure jetting techniques to clean sewer and blocked drains. Since debris, sand, sludge, and grease are main causes of blocked drains; our high pressure jetting service can help you clear this remains by cutting out the hardened scale, pulverizing roots, breaking up debris and sludge, penetrating and emulsifying grease, and flushing out the system.

Our high pressure water jetting is an effective, cost-effective, and environmentally safe approach to clean blocked drains and sewers. We use state-of-the-art flexible hoses and pumps to propel water under different amounts of pressure into the sewer lines.

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