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Not every sewer job is going to be the same. The differences between the corrosion levels, amounts of build-up, types of build-up, and locations of said materials will all require different forms of treatment. For the bigger jobs drain Jetting is the way to go. Drain Jetting is the process of shooting high powered streams of water through the drain, down into the sewer in order to blast away any debris blocking the passage of water. This is more effective than using a snake, blades, or even drain rods.

The reason why is double sided, first the water is fired at such a high intensity that the force isn’t even comparable to manual labour, and secondly, water is much more capable of bending around curved or angular pipes to reach all the tight spots. Of course drain jetting is so powerful that there are immediate concerns to safety. These concerns are taken care of by Draincare Reactive in order to ensure the highest value service to you the home owner and to our own employees.

Furthermore, drain jetting is so powerful that it will almost always prevent further build-ups for some time in the foreseeable future. Our team is dedicated to making drain jetting a safe, reliable, and strong service to solve all of your sewer and drain problems today feel free to call us for any CCTV & DRAIN JETTING appointments or more information.

*Please note; We now provide a 30 day guarantee with all drain cleaning work. If any problems should arise with the area of drain which we have cleaned we will return free of charge to rectify any problems.