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How To Fix Smelly Drains

/How To Fix Smelly Drains
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What Causes smelly drains?

Smelly drains can be caused by a number of things but the most common include bathroom basin, kitchen sinks and blocked drains. Each can usually be treated fairly easily so there is no reason to be too concerned.

Smelly Kitchen Sink?

If you have a smell coming from your kitchen sink, the problem is most likely going to be food blockage. A quick and easy fix may be to simply pour bleach down your plughole, leave and then rinse with warm water. If you do not like the idea of pouring bleach down your kitchen sink (for environmental reasons) you could use white wine vinegar and baking soda. Although this may be less effective.

There could be a loss of trap seal in the trap underneath your sink, this could be due to going on holiday for a long time or pouring too much water down the sink at once.

If the smelly drain problem still persists you can contact us using the form below or call: 0800 464 0436

Smelly basin drains

Smelly drains which are coming from your basin usually mean that you have a blockage or again you may have lost a trap seal. These are common causes. Foul smells coming from you basin can be caused by a build up of grime or hairs which get stuck in your plug. Try removing visible blockages by hand or by hook.

Chances are high that your trap underneath the basin has accumulated hairs which can act like a siphon to empty the trap of its water lock. This will cause foul smells to occur. Dismantle the trap and remove any buildup and replace, Make sure to pour enough water down to refill the trap, usually a couple of litres will do it.

If you need assistance with diagnosing the problem, call: 0800 464 0436

Smelly drains outside

If you have smelly drains outside, this could be a problem which may be very hard to fix yourself. But it definitely cannot hurt to try. We suggest for smelly outside drains that you pour bleach down the outside drainage underneath your manhole or just before where the smells seem to be coming from. It may be time to call a professional.

A professional drainage company, like ourselves, would visually inspect for blockages, then undergo a full CCTV drain survey. If the survey comes back and we find faults there are again a number of solutions to cure your smelly drains outside. The first port of call would be pressure cleaning your drainage system. this will usually cure the majority of foul smells coming from your drain.

Although smelly drains outside may be very unpleasant, often they are not hazardous to your health. Read this article for more information about why and how these gases occur, what they are made of and more.

When to call a professional drain company

If you have smelly drains outside and have tried the solutions mentioned above, we suggest you contact us as soon as possible. The chances are the cause is greater and could be made worse by prolonging your call.

At home remedies

Ice cubes, salt and lemon peel

If you are lucky enough to own a waste disposal, then there is a good chance that you will have to deal with a funky smell from time to time. A great way to remove these offensive odours is to pop some ice cubes, salt and lemon peels down the disposal. Turning it on will mash up the cubes and give the blades a really good clean; removing the gunky, built on bits of food that are left during use.

Baking soda and lemon juice

Baking soda is great for clearing out blocked drains, but when combined with the fresh scent of lemon, it will give the entire sink and drain a real fragrance overhaul. Just as powerful as other natural cleaners (such as vinegar) lemon not only will tackle the grime but will smell pretty great too!

Baking soda and essential oils

Not such a huge fan of the smell of citrus? Well you will be pleased to know that you can replace the lemon juice with essential oils and still get the same great effect in your drain; best of all by using essential oils you can select the fragrance of your choice!

Keep up a regular cleaning regime

If you are finding that you often have stinky drains then increasing cleaning time could help. It could also be a blockage further down the line causing the smell, in which case, take a look at our step by step guide on handling blockages here.

We are drainage experts and deal with smelly drains on a daily basis, give us a call on 0800 464 0436 to see how we can help.