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How To Unblock Your Drain

/How To Unblock Your Drain
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unblock your drains

A clogged drain can cause all kinds of hassle for a homeowner. As well as the unpleasant smells, you’ll soon find that water will struggle to drain, toilets won’t flush properly and nearby manhole covers will start to show evidence of overflowing. Thankfully, though, it is possible to sort the issue out yourself by taking a few simple steps.

Step-By-Step Guide

Equipment needed;

  • Rubber gloves
  • Set of drain rods
  • Bucket or hose

Step one – remove the cover and look over the chambers

Find the nearest inspection cover and remove it to determine whether the chamber has filled with water. If there is no water in the chamber, the blockage is likely to be located in the soil pipe that runs from the house. If you do find water, it’s likely that the issue lies further down the piping. Have a look at the next chamber to isolate the problem area.

Step two – using the drain rods

Take the drain rods and put two or three together with the plunger head before pushing it into the opening of the pipe. Next, rotate the rods slowly clockwise until it is easy to push them forwards. If the rods are twisted the wrong way, the connectors may come apart inside the drain.

Step three – unblock your drain

Continue to introduce extra drain rod sections until resistance is felt in the pipe. Then, quickly move the plunger back and forth to move the item causing the blockage. If you are unsuccessful, take the rods away and use the screw attachment. Keep pushing and twisting until the water eventually flows through.

Step four – running the taps

Turn on some of the properties hot taps and introduce detergent to move fat and ensure the pipes are cleaned. The taps should be left running for around five minutes to give you a chance to see if the water flows properly. Then, be sure to clean the equipment before putting it away.

If all else fails…

Should the instructions above not help to unblock your drain, contact a professional at the earliest convenience. Our engineers are expertly trained in blockages and operate throughout the South!

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