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Root Ingress: Causes and Remedies

//Root Ingress: Causes and Remedies

Root Ingress: Causes and Remedies

Root ingress is a prevalent in the UK due to the wetness and location of drain lines. Roots are attracted to any steam and vapours that are released from any structurally defective piping and almost always find a way to get in to the pipe. Here at Draincare Reactive we provide High Pressure Jetters that enable our team of expert engineers to remove root ingress, we also have the use our machine technology which applies the same practice to cut the root out completely.

Our team would perform a CCTV survey of the suspected area to locate the exact position of the problem, keeping the process swift and effective.

Once your root problem has been removed it is a must to have the pipe repaired or lined with a drag liner to prevent further root ingress in the future.

All Drain Lining by Draincare Reactive is guaranteed for 5 years.

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